While I've always had a love for creative expression, which was my initial push to start E&S, it was when my wife and I were reminiscing on our own iPhone videos of us simply living our life that the purpose behind E&S connected with my creative passions. 

It is the power of film to bring couples back into their past moments, and to truly feel the emotions of those moments coupled with the unique joy of looking back on their journey together, that continues to drive me and bring me my own happiness. There is something so special hearing from our clients how much their film means to them and how much emotion it brought, and I CAN'T WAIT to bring you the same joy.

A FiLm Studio Founded on creativity & Nostalgia

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Hey - I'm Aidee, I joined the E&S team at the start of the 2021 season and have been loving getting to add my creative eye as an assistant videographer to my wife ever since. 

I'm a big romantic, so you will definitely find me smiling throughout your entire ceremony and speeches as I capture the little details that I know will bring your own smile while watching them back.

Assistant, Videographer


Hi, I'm Irma, the founder of Earth & Sun Co.! I'm a Rhody native, wife (to Aidee), dog mom, and a big proponent of embracing freedom and individuality.

You can expect to get to know me at a personal level. One, I want you to feel comfortable enough behind the camera to simply be yourself and embrace in the moments of love and excitement. Two, my primary goal is to craft a film that is authentic and individualized to your story. Three, I LOVE getting to call my "clients" my friends.

Founder, Videographer + Editor 


Irma - I used to play in a band! I play 4 different instruments, piano being my favorite!
Aidee - I (with the help of Irma of course) care for 40+ plants (and counting!) and not including pampas arrangements.

A fun fact each...

Our doggos, Avery and Riley, are essentially babies and they are ridiculously cute. Avery is the Mini Gooldendoodle and Riley's the Minture Schnauzer!

Our Pups...

Irma - The Office (have seen it a million times - no shame), Tacos, & Mai Tais.
Aidee - The Big Band Theory, Mom's Food, & Tequila (yes, straight up).

Some of our favs...

You can find us both either taking day trips with the pups, enjoying the coastal views, or just chilling out with some drinks, food, and tv!

In Our Spare Time...

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